Why move to the cloud?

They are a lot of reasons-efficiency, doing more with less etc. But whichever spin you prefer, cloud computing lets you focus on what's important: Your Business. Moving to the cloud will save you money in five ways:

  • Fully utilized hardware - The practicalities of cloud computing mean high utilization and smoothing of the inevitable peaks and troughs in workloads. Your workloads will share server infrastructure with other organizations' computing needs. This allows the cloud-computing provider to optimize the hardware needs of its data centers, which means lower costs for you.

  • Lower power costs - Better hardware utilization means more efficient power use. So a cloud service provider can charge you less for energy used than you're spending in your own data center.

  • Lower people costs - By moving to cloud can reduce man power to manage data centers.

  • Zero capital costs - In the world of cloud-computing, financing that capital investment is someone else's problem.

  • Resilience without redundancy - Typical clouds have several locations for their data centers, and they mirror your data and applications across at least two of them. That's a less expensive way of doing it, and another way to enjoy the cloud's economies of scale.

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